There are few vistas as scenic as those that can be found at Snowdonia National Park in Wales. The park encompasses quite a few majestic mountains and lies along the coast, giving it access to waterways that are both important and very scenic in nature. Several species are native to the Snowdonia area, and they represent some of the rarest sites in the United Kingdom as conditions do not permit them to grow anywhere else. With the right mix of scenic vistas and hiking trails, Snowdonia National Park is a prime place to get away and see something new.

hiking_snowdoniaOne of Only Three Welsh National Parks
Wales is a particularly small country, and it is home to only three national parks in total. That makes a scenic getaway all the more infrequent for locals, and all the more unheard of by international travelers. Even so, Snowdonia National Park remains quite popular year-round, with hiking trails that can at times be quite congested.

The congestion should be viewed as a good thing, though, largely indicating that Snowdonia National Park is scenic and popular enough to have a regular crowd. It should be noted that quite a few people actually live within the boundaries of the park, further enhancing the popularity of its hiking trails and waterways.

Native Species that Can’t Be Seen Anywhere Else
As its name might employ, the Snowdonia National Park is home to the Snowdon Lily, often categorized as an arctic-alpine plant. That means it just can’t grow in other parts of the country, where the weather is a bit too warm and not nearly wet enough to support it. For those botanists who love seeing rare plants up close, Snowdonia is sure to impress.

10A Great Park for All Ages
With its unique species, engaging mountain climbs, and close waterways, Snowdonia National Park is a top spot to get in touch with nature and leave the grind of daily life behind. Its beauty is hard to find, even in other parts of Wales, and that makes it a top designation for many different types of tourist.