One of the best destinations in Snowdon is the top of Snowdon Mountain, which offers a stunning view of the so-called “horseshoe” in the park. That horseshoe is actually formed around a lake. The ridges of the surrounding mountains closely align around 75 percent of the lake, offering a stunning view of the park that opens to a larger view of other mountains and ridges along the horizon.

Getting There: The Hike to the Peak
Of course, every good view in Snowdonia National Park requires a pretty decent hike in order for it to be enjoyed. The “horseshoe” view is no different from any other vista in the park, and visitors will need to engage in a few hours of intense hiking up the mountain to enjoy. The hike itself is sure to be a social experience, full of travelers who are making the same trek for the same reasons.

In fact, Snowdonia’s hiking trails have been known to become just a bit congested during peak times of the year, when many travelers unite in their goal of finding the most breathtaking view the park has to offer. Dress for the weather, pack a GPS, and prepare to meet like-minded travelers who share the same goals. It’s sure to be an experience unlike any other in Wales or the UK at large.

The Best View in the Park
At the summit of Snowdon Mountain, visitors will enjoy the best view in the park and they’ll remember the exactly reason they made the trop to Snowdonia in the first place. Be sure to bring a camera, as friends and family members deserve to know exactly what they missed out on at the end of this rewarding hike.