It might have taken a while, but the Google Street View crew has finally managed to map the most beautiful walks in all of the park and put them online in Google Maps for everyone to enjoy.


Collaboration with Google

Normally Google will use a car with a built-in 360-degree camera to map streets all over the world. However, inaccessible such as the walking routes in Snowdonia must be mapped by ‘hand’.

For the past two years a Google Trekker crew went ahead with their 23kg packs carried on their backs and mapped the most popular walks in Snowdonia, slowly but steadily with a few miles a day.

The process requires special equipment that allows its wearer to shoot a range of scenery photo’s  in a full 360-degrees view, although it also requires clear and dry weather for optimal results which makes the process quite slow.

According to Google, this is only the start of a large scale project to map ALL 2,500 miles of Britain’s National Park trails. Since the mapping process is quite time consuming it’ll probably take a few more years until you can visit the most beautiful of trails Britain has to offer from the comfort of your own