Though Snowdonia National Park is well known for its natural beauty, the park is still available via roadways and train routes that serve the area. This combination of natural beauty and easy access has both contributed to the park’s relatively popularity, especially within Wales.

snowdonia_road2Getting There by Road
For those travelers who are looking to make the trek to Snowdonia via vehicle, there are several roadways from which to choose. The park is located on the northern coast of the country, accessible from Scotland and the northern portions of England via the A55 motorway. Those in Southern England or the Midlands can use travel via the A5 to arrive at the park.

From south Wales, the trip to Snowdonia is obviously quite a bit quicker and easier to plan. The A470 will take visitors to the park in record time, especially considering it takes Londoners a minimum of two hours to arrive at the park once they’ve set out via car. From Ireland, the A5 serves the park via ferry service.

Train and Coach Services
Many train routes run directly through or to Snowdonia, and there are at least four different ways to travelers to arrive at the park without using their car to get there. Coach services run frequently to the park from all around the United Kingdom, and many of them are on a daily schedule for easy access.

snowdonia_03Be sure to plan plenty of time, whether traveling via road, train, or coach, so that all of the park’s benefits and natural wonders can be fully enjoyed before departing for the day or returning to a nearby hotel after night has fallen. With careful planning and expert driving, Snowdonia is easy to reach and a breeze to navigate.