writersretreat2If there’s one thing that any aspiring author knows, it’s that it is really difficult to find the time to write a novel. More than that, it’s really difficult to find the time and space to write a novel. Real life is so full of distractions, to do lists and chores that it’s tricky to find even half an hour a day to work on something as purely creative as writing a book. Which is why Snowdonia is the ideal location to retreat to when writing a novel – the pure serenity, the amazing views and the lack of busy distractions form a heady combination that can’t help but result in a finished manuscript.

That is, if you can figure out how to write a book – that’s where Now Novel comes in. Now Novel is an online novel-writing course that leads aspiring writers through a process of finding their central idea, refining that idea, creating all the necessary details (like character, plot and setting) and finally putting all that into the story itself. With a programme like Now Novel, and a setting like Snowdonia, it would be almost impossible for a writer not to finish that novel they’ve been meaning to write.

Just think about it: instead of having to wake up, fight traffic, go to work, squeeze in errands during a lunch break, fight traffic, get home, cook and collapse on the couch (an ordinary day for many people), the day could be spent Snowdonia-style. Wake up, have a leisurely breakfast, complete a few sections of your new masterpiece, go for a hike, have a relaxed lunch, do some more writing, go for a stroll or to catch some fish for dinner, cook dinner, write some more or spend a few hours reading something inspiring. As one of only three Welsh National Parks the setting is guaranteed to be magnificent, and even if the setting of your story was somewhere entirely different, all that fresh air would no doubt be invigorating.

So how long would this writer’s retreat have to be? Now Novel suggests six months for the entire novel-writing process, but that could be broken up into a month or two gathering the initial information at home (some of the sections only take an hour or two to complete) and then the actual writing of the novel on retreat in Snowdonia. So if you could take three months off, you’d be able to tick it off your bucket list ;)

While novels and writing are taken as example here, this is primarily about the magic of Snowdonia. An inspirating environment for any artist of any kind. “The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir.

Best of all, traveling to Snowdonia isn’t even difficult. You can choose between road or rail, and there are a number of train routes to choose from. While you’re there, as well as climbing, hiking and photography, you can get involved with the local community and the Green Key Initiative  or make some new friends who may just show up in your novel…

However you decide to structure it, a writing retreat in Snowdonia is a splendid idea for any artist looking for an environment full of inspiration.