A new study done by Lloyds Bank has revealed that property prices in almost every National Park in England & Wales are up to 58% higher than similar houses in their surrounding areas.

Snowdonia cheapest, New Forest most expensive

Although the study shows that on average the housing prices are quite a bit higher within the boundries of national parks, there seem to be major differences in price when looking at different parks.

Out of all the National Parks in England and Wales, Snowdonia offers (by far) the best value of any park when it comes to higher housing prices with a mere increase of 5% when compared to average house prices nearby. (see table below)


On the other side of the spectrum we find New Forest National Park with the highest premium house prices compared to the average in surrounding areas almost doubling the costs!

Overall the average price tag of a house within one of the National Parks is £342,534 which is a bit more than 11 times the local gross average annual earnings. Forecasts show that the house prices might fall with almost 1% within the upcoming year, so keep your eyes out for some nice deals out there in Snowdonia!