The Green Key Initiative makes it possible for third-party companies to support eco-friendly practices and the Snowdonia National Park itself. Several key sponsors have committed to making Snowdonia a better, cleaner, more eco-friendly park with significant contributions and efforts. Among those organizations looking to maintain the beauty of Snowdonia National Park in the long-term are the following:

Conwy Borough Council
The democratically elected members of the Conwy Borough Council are a key ally in the fight against climate change and damage to the park, and they have thrown their full political weight behind supporting the park’s efforts and vistas for the long term.

Gwynedd Council
Like the Conwy Borough Council, the Gwynedd Council uses its status as a democratically elected body to help affect policy changes that favor the park. Its location adjacent to the park itself means that this ally is one of the most important when it comes to preserving the park’s atmosphere for future generations.

Countryside Council for Wales
The Countryside Council for Wales is dedicated to championing the causes of clean water, open natural spaces, and natural preservation, within Wales. This makes the organization a key player in the preservation and promotion of Snowdonia.

Snowdonia National Park Authority
Snowdonia National Park Authority is responsible for governing the operations of the park throughout the year. That includes approving settlements or other developments, enforcing eco-friendly tourism practices, and establishing the park as a leader in environmentally friendly operations.

Key sponsorship from Ace Ten helps to keep the park open all year round, showing interest in local environment and giving visitors a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Snowdonia at their leisure.

The Department for Enterprise and Transport 
Wales’ governing body uses its weight to enforce sound operations and eco-friendly strategies at Snowdonia all year long with public policy aimed at protecting the park’s integrity and beauty.