With a landscape full of beauty and intrigue it’s no wonder Snowdonia receives a high amount of tourism it every year. With hundreds of outsiders frequenting the area, case studies have been conducted to evaluate how this impacts the locals, both good and bad.

Impact of Tourism

snowdonia-travelTourists often find the beauty of Snowdonia so overwhelming that they decide to purchase a second home or holiday home in the area as they plan to visit frequently. These investments, however, actually drive home values up, and this can be hard for locals to transition into. This ultimately drives a number of younger residents and future wage earners to be forced to move into neighboring communities.

The Snowdonian locals are however well aware of the impact tourism has on the job market. Whether directly or indirectly, a large number of jobs available are directly related to the accommodation of tourists. This has proven especially beneficial to local farmers. Currently, the farming industry is facing one of the largest recessions in history, and these additional jobs provide them the outlet they need to make ends meet during this trying time.

While there seems to be many ups and downs regarding tourism in the area, there is a new and increasingly popular means of travel. Internet-based travel platforms are popping up all over the world. This allows for potential tourists to communicate with the locals. By understanding the problems faced in the area, they are more likely to take measures to help lessen the negative impacts, while simultaneously increasing their traveling experience by getting the locals’ ins and outs. One of those start-ups for example is Airbnb, which has grown out to being the world leader in travel rentals providing world-wide accomodation, also in and around Snowdonia.

Helping the Community?

While tourism is great for any community, it can also have a negative impact. Leakage for example, is a very real phenomena that impacts developing nations specifically. While tourists do spend large amounts of money while on vacation, there are things to take into consideration. Taxes, profits, and wages must be deducted from the income the region is able to use. Not to mention, over 75% of tourists’ spending money goes toward travel expenses, not local business.

asia-tourismOften locals don’t experience a direct or personal gain by tourism, however earlier mentioned internet-based travel platforms do make a difference here. While the impact of leakage and peer-to-peer tourism is not very significant in welfaring countries, this actually can be the case in countries with smaller economies. This is where peer-to-peer travel platforms such as WithLocals make a difference. The impact of tourists paying locals in Vietnam for a private tour in or around the area without travel agencies confiscating 95% of the budget can be huge! This means travelers pay less for more and locals benefit significantly better financially. Tourism is becoming increasingly important to Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. In order to keep these locations authentic, make sure your money ends up in the right pockets!